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Portable BBQ grill

Portable BBQ grill

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    Product information:

    Product Name: Portable Outdoor Charcoal Grill
    Product colour: Army green, Brick red
    Usage scene: Outdoor, courtyard, balcony
    Handle: Rubber
    Combustion chamber: Thick/Refined iron
    Grill: Polished stainless steel
    Net weight: About 4.35 kg
    Area of ​​use: Only suitable for charcoal grilling, not suitable for other fuels

    Before use:
    Prohibited to use near flammable materials
    Prohibited indoors, in tents and under tarpaulins
    Prohibit the use of gasoline, kerosene, flammable gas, alcohol, etc., as ignition or fuel

    During use:
    Only suitable for charcoal grilling, not suitable for wood burning
    Avoid using too much fuel to prevent deformation or excessive discoloration
    Do not move the stove after lighting it, and do not touch the stove with bare hands while it is in use
    The cabinet's painted surface can withstand temperatures up to 450°C, so you don't have to worry about damage to the paint during daily barbecues
    Due to high heat, parts of the coating may discolour or peel off. Use commercially available heat resistant paint for steel for the recoating process

    After use:
    Be careful when cleaning up after use. Confirm that everything is completely burned out and that all parts have cooled down before discarding
    Do not pour water on the appliance when the flame is out, as it may cause deformation due to sudden temperature changes and produce high-temperature water vapor, with the risk of scalding
    After using the iron plate or grill grid, completely remove food residue and apply cooking oil after it is completely dry
    Store in a cool place
    Packing List:

    Oven body *1
    Coal grid *1
    Grill net *2
    Partition *1
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