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Heation Heatbar 1000 - Electric patio heater

Heation Heatbar 1000 - Electric patio heater

Heatbar 1000 is an infrared patio heater with remote control and wi-fi management. The unit has a length of 60cm and up to 1000W heat output.

Give yourself and your guests a warm welcome to your outdoor oasis with our state-of-the-art patio heaters. With cutting-edge technology, these infrared heaters not only deliver heat, but also have a modern design.

The contents of the package

  • Heation Heatbar 1000
  • 2 meter long power cable
  • Installation bracket
  • User manual

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  • Beksrivelse

    Heation Heatbar 1000 Infrared patio heater:
    Heatbar 1000 is an electric infrared patio heater that provides a heating effect of 1000W and has a length of 60 cm. Heatbar 1000 has a heating area of ​​13 square meters and is therefore perfectly suited to smaller terraces and conservatories.
    The terrace heater must be connected to an ordinary socket and controlled by switching the socket on/off.

    Infrared radiant heat:
    Heation Heatbar is an infrared patio heater and the advantage of an infrared patio heater is that they heat the objects near the unit, rather than heating the air around the patio heater.
    It helps to provide a higher heating efficiency and up to 99% of the heat is transferred directly to the objects around the patio heater.
    In addition, the Heatbar patio heater does not emit any red light when switched on. It is therefore completely discreet and "invisible".

    The Heatbar terrace heater can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The included mounting bracket ensures quick and easy mounting, and you can angle the device so that it hits exactly the area you want.
    The terrace heater should be installed at a distance of 2.1-3.0 meters from the area you wish to heat.
    NOTE: The surface of the patio heater can reach up to 350 degrees Celsius and should therefore be installed out of the reach of animals and children!

    Heating area:
    Objects within 3 meters of the front of the patio heater will be heated by the infrared rays.
    Depending on the mounting height, this means that the Heatbar 1000 will be able to heat an area of ​​up to 13 square metres.

    The Heation patio heater has a power cable of 2 meters and must only be connected to a standard socket with 230V power.
    Of the total power consumption that the Heatbar 1000 uses, up to 86% is converted directly into heat.
  • Mål

    L: 600 mm
    W: 189 mm
    H: 67 mm
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